Yealink VC880

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• Multi-camera solution (up to nine VCC22 camera)
• H.323/SIP dual protocol
• Super video packet loss recovery technology,
resistant up to 30% video and 70% audio
• Two HDMI interfaces
• 3rd-party camera and video martix input
• RCA audio input/output
• VCM34 Vdeo Conferencing Microphone Array
• CTP20 Collaboration Touch Panel
• CPN10 PSTN Box
• VCH50 Video Conferencing Hub
• Supports collaboration features (interoperable with
whiteboard and annotation on content sharing)

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Designed for Better Collaboration

Yealink VC880, a full HD video conferencing system, is designed to maximize your collaboration experience with cutting-edge technologies. Equipped with the strongest embedded MCU within the industry, VC880 supports 24-site HD video conferencing; Moreover, the industry-leading multi-camera solution grants you to connect up to nine VCC22 video conferencing cameras and other accessories via an Ethernet cable and a PoE switch, getting multi-way and multi-view video conferencing as easily as you can. Owning the rich physical interfaces for audio and video connection, VC880 can be connected to the 3rd-party camera or access to the video matrix. In addition, it comes with the professional RCA-in/out interface that integrates the mixer with the gooseneck microphone.

Yealink VC880 is with a spilt-type structure to meet the deploy requirement of the control room which separates from a large confer-
ence room. To minimize cable clutter and lower the cost, we combine three cables (power cord, video cable and control line) into one cable, giving you a clean and tidy work environment.

Spilt Type for Integration in Conference Room

Spilt type, multi-camera solution (up to nine VCC22 camera can be connected), only one Ethernet cable – are definitely optimised for the control room which separates from the conference room, helping you make deployment as easy as possible without costly room remediation. For multi-camera
solution, only one PoE switch and an Ethernet cable are enough, skipping the complex video matrix  and saving your time and cost. Support RCA-in/out and 3rd-party camera connection to make deploy-ment simply and efficient.

3rd-party camera connection, Strong Compatibility

An exclusive HDMI interface permits the video input from the 3rd-party camera or video matrix, and you can put the video image both different cameras together like a puzzle, as well as change the video layout. Besides, coming with the profession RCA-in/out interface, VC880 perfectly integrates the mixer with the gooseneck microphone.

Better Network Adaptability

Thanks to Yealink anti-packet loss technology, VC880 can resist up to 30% video and 70% audio packet loss which guarantees smooth video and audio communication.