Snom 520

Snom 520

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The Snom C520 – WiMI is the new conference phone launched by Snom for Small to Medium Enterprises (SME). They have just launched the unique Snom C520 integrates advanced DECT and Bluetooth technology, a first of its kind.


This compact conferencing unit delivers HD sound through high-quality speakers and have top-of-the-line DECT microphones to ensure all conversations are crystal clear.

Adding up to 3 of the new C52-SP DECT Speaker Phone add-on just makes all the difference, enabling the unit to extend the range of the audio to up to 50 Meters from the main phone, making this a one of the most scaleable and dynamic audio conferencing solutions on the market.

It supports multi-party conference calls with a mixture of Bluetooth, DECT and SIP connectivity to maximize the conference calling experience. The unit is built for reliability, the unit provides up to 70 hours of standby time on a single charge with the microphones able to operate up to 12 hours for talk time.