SDW 5000

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Meet the Future Prepared

SDW 5015 is a wireless DECT headset system for modern
office professionals, providing future device flexibility, next
generation communication quality and advanced security
to modern work environments. SDW 5015 meets the
challenges of evolving modern workplaces by providing a
communication tool that lives up to users’ expectations for
multi-device usability, security and seamless customer
Modern office workers require mobility in the office and
the ability to hold ad hoc collaborative meetings. Using
multiple devices and often sitting at different desks,
today’s knowledge workers demand a flexible, personal
communication solution that simply works. SDW 5015
helps them meet the future prepared with the ultimate
business communication tool.

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– Total Flexibility:
A hub for all your people, audio sources and headsets
– Superior Sound:
Natural, rich sound with super wideband audio
– Higher Productivity:
Busy light and advanced collaboration features
– Enhanced Security:
With Protected Pairing and DECT Security Certification

Total flexibility
With dual connectivity for softphone/PC and desk phone, the SDW 5015 allows users to choose their own constellations using the base station as a gateway to their preferred audio sources. IT managers can upgrade the base station from dual to triple connectivity (via the BTD 800 Bluetooth® USB dongle) and cater for hot desking or flex-working needs. It’s also possible to connect a wired Sennheiser headset/speakerphone or a Bluetooth® headset using the USB port on the base station. SDW 5015 offers a choice of three wearing styles to cover all wearing preferences – a headband, ear hook and neckband solution for the perfect customised fit.