Polycom Trio 8800

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Legendary voice quality for the clearest and richest audio experience in a conference phone

  • Accelerate user adoption by pairing your own portable devices (BYOD) via USB, Bluetooth/NFC or IP.
  • Intuitive icon-based interface is familiar, minimises mistakes, and speeds connection with “one touch join”
  • Conveniently manage and provision using Polycom® RealPresence® Resource Manager
  • Hybrid registration support for connecting up to three platforms simultaneously
  • Easily adapts to content and business-grade video conferencing solution*

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The conference phone reimagined for open SIP environments

Polycom TrioTM 8800 is the conference phone reimagined for larger conference rooms. Marrying our world-class audio conferencing experience, with business-class video and content, the Polycom Trio connects to the leading unified communications platforms of today and tomorrow.

Legendary Voice Quality

Polycom Trio is a revolutionary conference phone offering stunning room-filling sound for the best conference experience – ever. With a 20-foot pickup range and advanced audio technology such as enhanced Polycom® HD VoiceTM and the patented Polycom® NoiseBlockTM, conversation flows naturally and you hear every word clearly. What does this mean to you? It means increased productivity. A cheap conference phone may appear to be a savings at first – but the fatigue caused by audio that seems “good enough” is costly in the long run. Straining to hear the other side, echo, distracting background noise all result in wasted time, and there is quite a bit of truth in the old adage “time is money.”

The sleek and sophisticated, award-winning design of Polycom Trio makes conferencing simple. A 5-inch color touch display and intuitive, interface means minimal training required. And with Microsoft Exchange integration, scheduled meetings can get started with one touch of the join button resulting in fewer mistakes and quick starts for every meeting.

Feel free to use your personal device wirelessly via Bluetooth/NFC, IP or wired via USB and experience exceptional sound quality when using web-based or cloud conferencing services.

Broadest Interoperability

Polycom Trio is based on open standards to ensure interoperability with leading open SIP platforms. For added peace of mind, hybrid registration gives the ability to deploy on up to three separate SIP platforms simultaneously.

Affordable Business-Class Content Sharing and Video Conferencing*

The Polycom Trio 8800 conference phone also offers the optional ability to share content and add video conferencing. Add the Polycom TrioTM Visual+ and either a USB fixed web camera** or the Polycom EagleEye MSR 12x optical PTZ camera, and now you have a powerful and affordable audio, content and video conferencing solution.