Okayo OMG 100 T

Okayo OMG 100 T

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OmniGuide, not only an audio player but a wireless transmitter/receiver, is a powerful system for both individual and group tours. Noise-free, clear sound, anti-theft design and infrared triggering optimize OmniGuide’s onsite usage. 1.3” LCD and soft-touch keypad simplify users’ operational experiences.

Being a wireless transmitter/receiver, a group guide can easily assign a track to OmniGuide being held by group members. Two-way mode is perfect for group discussion, lecturing and conferencing. Featuring touch-panel screen with multi-setting availability, OMG-25U allows users to charge and update OmniGuide easily. Okayo proprietary software Audio Master is a great PC tool of audio management.

OMG-100 / OMG-101

    • 1.3” backlit display and comfortably pressed keypad
    • Incorporated HAC (Hearing Aid Compatible) speaker delivers great sound
    • Embedded anti-theft system for exhibition control
    • Compact but robust design for lower upkeep
    • Anti-theft design incorporated
    • User-friendly Audio Master eases audio management

OMG-100T / OMG-100T+ / OMG-100R

    • Digital wide spectrum 748-870MHz for various countries
    • Embedded anti-theft system for exhibition control
    • Infrared triggering for automatic commentary playback
    • Inbuilt microphone and push-to-talk button enrich tour experiences (OMG-100T, OMG-100T+ only)
    • Rack-mounted charger and uploader facilitate onsite management and dispensing