Agent AG 02

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The AG series represents agent’s premium range of headsets and are designed for use in high traffic call centres and busy offices. Built-in ultra noise-cancelling microphones perform faultlessly in noisy environments and the die cast aluminium construction makes them both lightweight and robust enough for intensive long term use.

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Allows the user to interact with colleagues during calls
Allows the user to concentrate more on calls and filters out general office noise


270 degree rotation microphone boom
Adjustable headband
Flexible microphone boom
Soft leatherette earpads
Removable earpads
Lightweight aluminium construction
Robust construction

Allows the unit to be used for either the left or right ear
Ensures the headset is optimised for use and comfortable to wear for extended
Ensures the microphone can be placed in the optimal position to ensure the user’s
voice is picked up clearly
Makes the headset comfortable and blocks out a higher level of ambient noise
Allows the headset to be serviced and cleaned
Makes the unit comfortable to wear all day
The headset will cope with rigours of the modern office environment

Tech Spec

Crisp clear sound
Ultra Noise-cancelling microphone
Wideband frequency

Benefits: Ensures a greater call experience
Filters out background office noise for the caller in even the busiest workplaces
Creates a more rounded natural sound for the caller and user on supported lines


Acoustic shock protection for user

Benefits: Prevents noise levels exceeding 118db thereby protecting the user from potential
hearing damage