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CVE Certified In-House Workshop

With the global business trend of audio conferencing being paced by the increasingly popular movement towards the more visually apt business video conference, today’s large and small concerns alike are seeing the benefits of video conferencing in time-saving, cost cutting and the increased flexibility surrounding meetings.

“Video conferencing is fast becoming fundamental to business growth,” states Pieter Snyman, Phonatics Managing Director.

Affording increased efficiency, reduced barriers of distance and time and delivering an exceptional user experience, a Phonatics video conferencing solution collaboratively strengthens business performance – both financially and operationally – by offering integrated solutions for daily workflows and processes that enhance communication, improve decision-making and deliver a technologically ‘higher-performing tomorrow’.

Where organisations demand exceptional quality and yet simplicity of use, Phonatics dominates the video conferencing arena through innovative product offerings supported by excellent service.

“Remaining technologically proficient on a global scale means our clients are assured of the best advice and technical support and service that they have come to expect from Phonatics,” says Pieter.

To this end, all Phonatics technical teams are lead by Certified Video Conferencing Engineers, with Wynand Gardiner in charge of Gauteng installations and Gideon Burger heading up all Western Cape technical operations.

This commitment to excellence has allowed Phonatics to continually build stronger and more productive client relationships as ‘appreciation for innovative solutions perfectly executed’ is par for the course for this dynamic company.